Pittsburgh Concert in the Beethovenhalle Gunild Lohmann

Pittsburgh Concert in the Beethovenhalle Gunild Lohmann
General-Anzeiger Bonn 9/16/13

After the interval, Honeck appeared with an even larger crew: for Richard Strauss’s ‘Heldenleben’, which turns out to be his masterstroke, since with his conducting he conveys both momentum and gravity. And contributing to this are outstanding musicians in every section of the orchestra.

This is as true of the plangent laments of the woodwind in the chapter ‘Des Helden Widersacher’ as it is for the punctual brass and the singing strings headed by the young orchestra leader Noah Bendix-Balgley, who interpreted his solo passages as ‘Des Helden Gefährtin’ with such a variety of expression and so graphically that it was impossible to escape the lady’s capricious moods.

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